Mt Hood – Preparing to Climb Mt Hood


Climbers in Oregon know Mt Hood very well. After all, it is the highest peak in the state. Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world flock here for the opportunity to become Mt Hood climbers. This peak is one of the most frequently climbed peaks worldwide.

The beautiful scenery and snow-covered peaks will delight outdoor enthusiasts. This region is home to 12 glaciers, which ensure that this peak is covered in snow year round. Mt Hood climbers will encounter most the glaciers at elevations of over 7,000 feet. Climbing this mountain is usually a summertime activity as May-July are the safest months since the risk of avalanche is greatly lower during this time.

Climbing enthusiasts are frequent visitors to this pristine peak. In fact, it is estimated that 10,000 people climb this mountain each year alone. It is a very convenient mountain to climb since it is less than an hour from Portland. Mt Hood climbers will also find many convenient lodging locations very near the peak.

Climbers of all levels of skill can find something in this region. Beginning climbers in particular will love the shorter climbing distances that this peak can offer. Of course, climbing requires supplies. If you are preparing a trip to this mountain, there are specific requirements that you should keep in mind. Mt Hood climbers definitely need to purchase an ice pick and some good crampons. A helmet is also always a good idea. This mountain has several areas of loose rock. Climbers should walk on the snow and ice as often as they can.

If you are unsure of the terrain or just want to take some extra precautions, rent a Mountain Locator Unit or MLU. These locators are GPS enabled to guide rescue crews directly to you. They are easily rented from many outdoor supply stores including REI in Portland and in Tigard, Oregon.

Mt Hood climbers do need to be aware of the fumaroles on the mountain, as they can be very dangerous. These fumaroles can be seen easily since they emit steam.

Make sure you pick up a Wilderness Permit before leaving for your climb. They are free and can easily be obtained from Timberline Lodge as well as other locations. It is also a good idea for climbers to fill out a registration form in case of an emergency before the begin traveling up the mountain.

Prepare to be amazed at the beauty of Mt Hood. It is a great peak to climb because it is convenient and there are great options for Mt Hood lodging nearby.

Nicklaus ‘Nick’ Bright is addicted to travel and loves writing almost as much as his wife. ‘Where are you?’ is a common refrain for most of his friends and family. Oregon, and the Mt. Hood Territory in particular, is a favorite destination with its rich history and endless opportunities for exploration. When he’s not wrangling his kids, or his goats, Nick is plotting his next great travel adventure.

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