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Things to Do on Mt. Hood

Here's a great list of places to stay on or near Mt. Hood And don't forget about the famous Timberline Lodge which was the lodge used for all the exterior shots in Stephen King's “The Shining”. Not to panic, there actually is … Mt. Hood Ski Meadows offers a weekend shuttle with pickups in Tualatin, Beaverton and Gateway. There's also the Grease Bus, Portland's first shuttle service to Mt. Hood that is powered by waste fryer grease. Come on! It doesn't get more Portland …

Ski program information | Catlin Gabel

Late skiers could be dropped from the ski program the following week. All skiers are expected to honor the rules and regulations governing the use of lifts, slopes, and lodges as posted by Mt. Hood Meadows. Failure to comply will result …

Bigfoot~Lodge * Mt.Hood, Winter Wonderland * Ski, Sled, Relax !

Bigfoot Lodge Winter Wonderland.

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As we approach ski season it is time to turn our eye to how we can find the perfect women’s ski jackets to look simply perfect on the slopes or around the ski lodge. Now due to the harsh weather conditions you have to make some sacrifices, but that doesn’t stop you from finding a protective yet glamorous jacket to keep you warm and looking great.

Now, in the perfect world, the short, sexy ski jacket would keep us just the perfect temperature, but unfortunately a skin tight number is only going to leave you wet and freezing. Of course if you aren’t much more skiing but want to just hang around the ski lodge, then some protective sacrifices can be made for something much sexier. The problem appears when you actually go out on the slopes and are assaulted by the wind and the snow, especially falling and landing into the snow, which can be cold.

You need to keep functionality in mind and make sure that the drop dead sexy outfit you are putting together will allow you to survive long enough in the snow that you can make it back to the warm drink by the fire. The main function of the ski outfit is to keep you dry, warm, and safe as you make your way down the mountain. A jacket that easily rips or isn’t waterproof will be destroyed by the wind and snow in no time. Making sure your jacket’s hood can be incorporated with your helmet is another important consideration.

Now that we know what protective measures we need from our outerwear, we need to make it stylish and sexy. Thankfully, many high end designers have already done this for us. They have created tailored ski jackets that still create a pleasing look to them, even if they aren’t skin tight. Many of them can transform for when you are just hanging out. The hood tucking into a compartment or opening it a little to reveal a very cute blouse, are both ways to go from protective to glamorous.

Nothing stops you from having your warm protective shell of ski wear making you look sexy as well. Just be sure to make sure it handles all the necessary protective measures so you won’t require the need to be thawed out – the “ice block” look isn’t really an eye catcher!

Love to Ski and Ride has lots of information about skiing equipment including more information on women’s ski jackets.

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