Enjoying a Great Hike on Mt Hood

If you love to hike, Mount Hood may quickly become one of your favorite hiking destinations. This beautiful peak in Oregon is a favorite hiking destination for visitors from countries around the world. Mt Hood hikers regularly enjoy this beautiful and scenic mountain. These tips will help you determine the best experience for you.

One of the reasons that hikers everywhere love Mt Hood is due to the variety of trails. Hundreds of beautiful trails snake around this mountain. You will, in fact, find perfect options for every skill level imaginable. Additionally, the diverse array of trails will mean that you will never tire of the scenery. Be prepared to witness some of the most beautiful forests, stunning vistas, blue lakes and streams that you have ever seen.

Mt Hood hikers love that this mountain is perfect for everyone. You do not need to be a skilled outdoor enthusiast to enjoy hiking here. In fact, you can get to the top of this mountain much more easily than you can many other peaks in the Pacific Northwest.

You may enjoy taking some time to check out the Mt Hood Wilderness Area. In this pristine area of 47,000 acres, you won’t see any cars. Hikers are free to enjoy an escape from modern pleasures in this beautiful wilderness.

Timberline Trail is one great destination that you won’t want to miss. This trail winds around the mountain and is generally completely free from snow. This hike is difficult, however, and is best attempted during the warm summer months. Mt. Hood hikers will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area including Mt St. Helens and Mt Rainer. Portland is even visible to hikers on this trail. The full hike takes about 4 days if you start at Timberline Lodge.

For variety, you may want to consider the Eagle Creek Trail. It is an easy but very steep hike. You will see beautiful waterfalls cascade off of tall cliffs. Mt Hood hikers should know that this is technically a dormant volcano. While the odds of eruption are slim, hikers should remain aware of this fact.

If you are looking for a place to stay near the peak, you will find that there are several great Mt Hood lodging choices. Hikers may also opt to stay in Portland since is located approximately 50 miles to the east.

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Nicklaus ‘Nick’ Bright is addicted to travel and loves writing almost as much as his wife. ‘Where are you?’ is a common refrain for most of his friends and family. Oregon, and the Mt. Hood Territory in particular, is a favorite destination with its rich history and endless opportunities for exploration. When he’s not wrangling his kids, or his goats, Nick is plotting his next great travel adventure.

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