The Oregon Tourist Attractions

Oregon offers you a host of places that you can start your vacation from. You can either start from Greater Portland, Mt. Hood and go on to the Oregon Coast. Oregonians are rather lazy people and it is this leisurely feel that gives the place its charm. Here you will be waiting for one meal after the other or one show after the other. There is actually no rush as in some of the bigger American cities. The lighthouse show here is a favorite amongst the tourists and features high on the Oregon tourist attractions lists. If you like fishing, this is a great place for you

Oregon Tourist attractions and Newport region

Newport is all about beaches and sea food experience. The Cobble beach located in the Yaquina Head Natural is densely populated with tourists. Also the Historic Nye Beach, South Beach State Park, Agate Beach State Recreation Site, and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area are some of the places that you must visit if you are in Newport Oregon.The Nye beach has been awarded the most romantic beach by the Sunset magazine. The Beverly beach State park runs from Yaquina Head. The Moolack Beach is a favorite hunt for the surfers, and swimmers. The Newport region offers you ample scope for hiking, camping, biking and kayaking. The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area has a number of well defined trails like Ocean to Bay Trail,Lighthouse trail, Mike Miller park, Drift Creek falls, and Captain cook trail.Surfing and Kayaking are mainly concentrated around South Beach state park and Agate beach.

Central Oregon Tourist attractions:

Want a romantic vacation even in the sweltering heat then head straight for Central Oregon. This is the place to be if you are the adventurous sort and like nothing then the mountains. Mt Bachelor is the ski resort here. You can also go for snow boarding here. Luxury resort and log style cabins are all available. While here you can also take the Big sky balloon adventure or travel to Crater lake National park.

Portland Tourist attractions:

If you are visiting Portland then the first thing on your list is to go to Lan Su and have a sumptuous meal. After that you can think about your travel plans. It is the finest restaurant in Portland and its Chinese fares are unique. It also gives you a clear idea about Chinese culture and way of thought. The Garden shop here has some pretty trinklets like jewelry which you can take as best buys.

Southern Oregon Tourists attractions:

The Applegate passes through here and was opened way back in 1846.It was opened to serve as an alternate way to the western valleys and avoid the dangers of the perilous Oregon trail. The Covered Bridges here old and dates to 1850. There are atleast 6 of these covered bridges. The Douglas Country Museum and the historic homes here makes for an interesting learning experience.

In Canyon City Oregon, there is a place which is quite like a museum yet not a museum in the real sense of the term. It displays stuffed animals and two human stuffs. If you are a freak you will definitely come here. The skulls belonged to Barry Way and William Cain who were the first to be hanged in this city. If you are passing through Mitchell, Oregon you just can’t miss out on Henry the Beer. He is Hugh’s pet and you can see him by the cage in the local petrol pump. Hugh saved Henry when he was a year old and since then Henry is almost synonymous with Mitchell. The Peterson Rock Garden is the place where Petersen paid reverence to America.

Lastly make a stop at the historic district of Oakland. Tale a walking tour through the city. The brochure has atleast 90 historic buildings that you can visit.

Some of the restaurants that you can visit while here are the Tollys, the Lamplighter, and the Town and country motel.

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