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Kirk Hanna, Skibowl Owner

When Kirk Hanna saw the opportunity to create a high quality winter and summer mountain experience in harmony with the natural environment where the guest is #1 he took action. Since Kirk Hanna purchased Skibowl 1987 many great changes have been made. Kirk Hanna renovated Skibowl’s lodging accommodations, constructed fine dinning establishments and developed the family fun Adventure Park to provide year round fun for all ages. Skibowl is located south of Government Camp and is the closest ski venue to Portland, Oregon. Skibowls terrain stretches from an elevation of 3,600 feet to over 5,000 feet at the summit. Kirk Hanna choose to purchase Skibowl because its average snowfall is around 300 inches per year and Kirk Hanna’s innovative vision saw far beyond just another Mt. Hood resort. As an Oregonian and the owner of Skibowl, Kirk Hanna’s passion for Mt. Hood is truly apparent through the positive changes he has made in the local community. Skibowl now features 65 marked trails for skiing and snowboarding that includes massive bowls to enjoy. In addition to winter activities, summer recreations at Skibowl include mountain biking, The Alpine Slide, hiking and so much more.

Kirk Hanna & Government Camp

Kirk Hanna, owner of Skibowl, also developed the Collins Lake Resort and the luxurious Grand Lodges at Mt Hood. These well-appointed Mt. Hood resorts are located near Mt. Hood Skibowl and Mr. Hanna didn’t stop there. Next Kirk Hanna then redeveloped the famous Ratskeller building, which is also located in Government Camp, by remodeling The Ratskeller Alpine Bar and Pizzeria, adding an arcade, meeting rooms, The High Mountain Cafe, art gallery, retail shopping and Mt. Hood Adventures. The Ratskeller Alpine Bar and Pizzeria is the perfect place to get out of the cold with great food and warm drinks. When visiting anyone of Kirk Hanna’s Mt. Hood resorts be sure to stop by the Ratskeller Alpine Bar and Pizzeria to enjoy great food, exception service and the unique mountain atmosphere.

Kirk Hanna

When Kirk Hanna opened Skibowl he wanted to provide fun for all ages. Skibowl delivers whether you are looking to carve through the fresh powder in the winter months or experience adrenaline filled Alpine Slides and mountain biking in the summer sun. Skibowl is the perfect place to enjoy Oregon’s natural beauty and Mt. Hood adventures. Through Kirk Hanna’s innovative thinking and love for Oregon, Skibowl has become regarded in the skiing and snowboarding communities as one of best resorts on Mt Hood. As the closest Ski Venue and Adventure Park to Portland, Skibowl is ideal for visitors year around.

Kirk Hanna Skibowl Owner